An industry leader in pioneering new technology and methodology for over 25 years, the following provides information on many of our patented advancements and insight into our approach to proper audio system design.
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RAD Technology
The Best of Everything
Rockford Acoustic Design is one of the few companies with the resources to design and manufacture both electronics and loudspeakers. Home-based in Tempe, Arizona, our engineers design components to work in harmony with each other. We build products to the most rigid and exacting specifications in the business. For our customers, the end result is a product that performs beyond expectation time and time again.

Amplifier Technology
Rockford Acoustic Design engineers are among the best on the planet. Our patented technologies have elevated the performance of amplifiers for over two decades.

Trans•nova circuitry, engineered by Jim Strickland, keeps it simple. In older designs, an engineer must choose whether to amplify voltage or current at any given gain stage. As every stage of amplification adds noise, crosstalk and distortion to the audio signal, the detail of the music often gets lost in the process. Patented Trans•nova circuitry configures output MOSFETs to provide voltage and current gain-what we call power gain, with fewer gain stages required in amplifier front ends. Noise and crosstalk-distortion are greatly reduced because the audio signal travels a shorter distance through fewer gain stages at lower levels.

Patented Trans•ana circuitry achieves nearly the same end result in a simpler lower cost circuit.

DIAMOND circuitry, engineered by Jim Strickland & Mark Albers, works in conjunction with the amplifier front end to combine the linearity of a CLASS A amplifier stage with the headroom of a CLASS B amplifier. This can provide up to +14dB gain in the dynamic range of the amplifier front end. This simplicity of the signal path keeps your audio signal intact.

TEF Frequency Response
Frequency Response
Frequency response plots allow RAD engineers to tune amplifier and speaker performance to specific automotive environments.
AP Crossover Testing
Crossover Graph
Precise measurements of crossover and equalization circuits ensure user interfaces always offer sonic excellence.

Loudspeaker Technology
By manufacturing loudspeakers, Rockford Acoustic Design enjoys steadfast control of materials and applications for each critical area of sound. Many of our woofers use santoprene rubber surrounds for optimal linearity and cone materials, which are optimized for low distortion. Our spiders provide improved linear control of the woofer cone and our hard anodized aluminum voice coil formers draw heat away from the coil for greater reliability and power handling.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Rockford Acoustic Design speakers and subwoofers. We design our drivers, enclosures, and crossovers to work as a system from the ground up. This means you get the music with less coloration, less distortion, more dynamics, and rock solid imaging that’s true to the original performance.

Magnetic Linearity
We model subwoofers to maximize magnetic linearity resulting in loud & powerful bass with low distortion.
Cone Stress Analysis
Geometry based modeling enables us to distribute stress and optimize speaker cone strength.

Signal Processing Technology
The challenges of the automobile interior require advanced technologies and techniques to overcome. Rockford Acoustic Design's advanced Digital Signal Processor enables our acoustic application engineers to optimize the frequency response and arrival time of the components, and create a reference mobile audio experience. Filters are carefully designed to correct the spectrum and maintain the loudspeaker's linear operating range. Precise alignment of the loudspeakers to within fractions of a millisecond creates a cohesive sound stage and detailed imaging typical of reference home and studio monitoring systems.

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