Welcome to Rockford Acoustic Design, the reference mobile audio experience.

Rockford Acoustic Design delivers high definition audio in a sophisticated automotive sound system built from Rockford's legendary acoustic engineering expertise and industry-leading technologies. From Rockford's founding over 25 years ago, our innovations have yielded products capable of detailed, authentic reproduction.

Rockford's pioneering heritage in surround sound and leadership in amplifier and speaker technology provide the foundation for producing components with high impact dynamics, while remaining clear and accurate. Implemented as engineering solutions, these components allow Rockford Acoustic Design to create reference quality audio systems in the challenging automotive environment.

Rockford Acoustic Design systems allow music lovers the pleasure of listening through state-of-the-art components. As one of the few companies with the resources to design and manufacture both electronics and loudspeakers, our components work in harmony with each other. The processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers and subwoofers designed by our world-class engineers yield Rockford Acoustic Design systems that carry a legacy of unparalleled performance.

Preferences and expectations refine over time. Rockford Acoustic Design is the next evolutionary step for the Rockford Fosgate fanatic. The vehicle presented here demonstrates the Rockford Acoustic Design sonic signature and features the OEM components that deliver the high definition mobile audio experience.

Rockford Acoustic Design • 600 South Rockford Drive • Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.
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