This company bio highlights some of our talented staff and capabilities that enable high-definition audio reproduction in the challenging automotive environment.

The Brand
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The People
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The Company
An Overview
The evolution of music has paralleled the evolution of mankind, and the ability to properly reproduce this music through electrical components and loudspeakers is as much an art form as the creation of music itself. Technology and its integration into musical reproduction components continue to evolve with ever increasing performance and resolve.

Rockford Acoustic Design audio systems allow music lovers the pleasure of listening through state-of-the-art components, which exhibit outstanding build quality and exacting feature sets. Our processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers and subwoofers are designed to the exacting standards of our world-class engineers, yielding Rockford Acoustic Design systems that carry a legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship and performance.

The People
OEM Group
Rockford Acoustic Design

With many years of combined audio experience, the OEM team at Rockford Acoustic Design utilizes the knowledge, experience and capabilities to develop the worlds most cutting edge and accurate OEM mobile audio systems to satisfy our discerning customers. [Pictured from Left: Dan Vandenbergh, Managing Director, Eric Smith, Senior Program Mgr. Mike Cozza, Technology Mgr, Joe Dahlquist, Program Mgr.]
JimStrickland Jim Strickland
Vice President of Engineering
A published AES member since 1970, Jim holds nine patents in the audio field and has been leading the engineering team at Rockford Corporation since 1985. With a storied past of innovative accomplishments and a continued passion for creativity, Jim’s influence is reflected in Rockford’s continued market-leading position in automotive amplifiers*.

* Per 2005 data from Venture Development Corp.

MarkAlbers Mark Albers
Senior Design Engineer

Mark, a ten-year veteran of Rockford engineering, has been intimately involved in the development of numerous acclaimed products including the Hafler Professional amplifiers and TRM Series studio monitors. Mark's passion for uncolored amplifier circuitry has produced some of the most coveted designs in the industry.

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